Housekeeping Tasks

Learn how to complete day-to-day Admin activities including managing Teacher and Pupil accounts, printing Parent join code letters, managing Groups and sending MarvellousMes through the Admin portal.

Tailoring MarvellousMe to your School

Learn how to create School Badges, School Activities, Quick Links and additional Groups. Also find out how to create reporting filters to use with Thumbs Up (House Points) and for other important school cohorts (e.g. Pupil Premium, SEN)

Reporting MarvellousMe Usage

Learn how to access various reports to view and evidence your parent engagement across all classes - key for managing consistency across the whole-school. Also find out how to report engagement with specific cohorts such as SEN and Pupil Premium.

Supporting Parents

Learn how to help parents with common queries including signing up, logging in and adding more children to their account

Subscription, Finance and GDPR Queries

General Training Resources - Admin

Admin Resources